Current Linking Families and Communities Board Members

  • Paul Beneke, (Chair) Citizen – Pocahontas Co.

  • Clarence Siepker, (V. Chair) Grandparent – Pocahontas Co.

  • Scott Becker, Calhoun Co. Board of Supervisors

  • Bob Thode, Webster County Board of Supervisors

  • Kati Swanson, Human Service – Webster Co.

  • Tammy Varland, Health – Webster Co.

  • Mark Egli, Education – Calhoun Co.

  • Tabitha Acree, Education – Webster Co.

  • Justin Daggett, Education - Calhoun Co.

  • Kristin Teske, Faith – Webster Co.

The Linking Families and Communities Board makes decisions about allocating funding to assist families in the county with children ages 0-5, as well as facilitating community collaboration and coordination of services.


Board membership is open to elected officials and members of the public who are not employed by a provider of services to or for the Board that serve Calhoun, Pocahontas or Webster County. Board membership must include individuals who represent the interests of business, education, faith, health, and human services as well as a parent, grandparent or guardian of a child age 0 to 5 years of age.


The Linking Families and Communities Board values diversity of opinion and believes diversity enhances and enriches the culture of the Board, its conversations and the decision-making process. 

Board member applications are accepted throughout the year.  Interested individuals are encouraged to apply.

Executive Committee