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Sprouts Early Education and Development School

Planting the SEEDS for a Brighter Future

Webster County has experienced a decline in child care for over a decade, a problem that was compounded by the pandemic. When parents are unable to find quality care for their children, they are forced to stay home, forgo additional income, work reduced hours or leave the community.

The lack of child care has a domino effect. Parents are passing up promotions, employees miss work and businesses are unable to attract new employees to the community or retain employees that have or about to have children.

Linking Families and Communities has completed the necessary pre-design work for a new child care center to ensure efficiency, maximize capacity and ensure stability of the center for children, parents, businesses and the community. Important hallmarks of the center are:

High-Quality Care and Education

Expanded Operational Hours
to accommodate the 12-hour day-shift

Higher Staff Wages for Recruitment/Retention

The Project

Using an existing building, Linking Families and Communities is currently working on the architectural design process, though has completed the financial modeling necessary to ensure age-appropriate spaces for children in a convenient location for parents that will be fiscally sustainable for the future.  

We will provide designs and more information on this page as they become available.  

If you'd like to donate to this project, please email

Thank you for your support of the Planting the SEEDS for A Brighter Future Campaign!

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