Quality Rating System (QRS)

The Quality Rating System (QRS) is a voluntary program that offers child care providers a guided way to improve the quality of child care they provide. By participating in the QRS, a provider shows parents and the community that they are committed to providing quality child care and are working towards improving the quality of care.

There are five levels in the QRS that are used as benchmarks to improving the quality of child care. These levels, also referred to as “stars”, are used as a measure of growth of a child care environment and also as a way for parents to evaluate their child care options.


What the levels mean:

  • Level 1: Provider has met Iowa’s registration or licensing standards.

  • Level 2: Provider has met Iowa’s registration or licensing standards, has received additional training and has made the first steps toward improving quality.

  • Level 3 – 5: Providers have completed items in previous levels and have made significant quality improvements.


Providers who participate in Iowa’s Quality Rating System can receive onsite technical assistance as they go through the steps needed to improve their quality of care as well as earning achievement bonuses. Providers who participate can also market themselves as a QRS rated program making themselves standout from other providers to parents and to the community.

For more information on the Quality Rating System please visit:
The Iowa Department of Human Services QRS page

To speak with someone about the Quality Rating System, please contact:

Jami Huster 

Child Care Consultant

Calhoun & Webster County
(515) 573-0029

Michelle Cook

Child Care Consultant

Pocahontas County

(515) 573-0147