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Child Care Nurse Consultant

Today families are working hard to meet the daily challenges of home, work and school. Iowa ranks third in the nation at 70% of children under 6 years of age with all parents in the labor force. Families are working hard to meet their obligations of home, work and school, therefore, their children are spending considerable amounts of time in out-of-home care arrangements. Parents rely on those child care providers to meet their children’s needs, anticipate problems and concerns, and to direct or refer them to resources.


Child Care Nurse Consultants are registered nurses with expertise in community health, maternal and child health and serving the child care provider community. They are called upon by child care providers to assist in responding to issues of childhood communicable disease, child development, safety and injury prevention, nutrition, and family health. Child Care Nurse Consultants can provide consultation and information on health and safety practices and policies, health programs, health of personnel, and specific child health or safety issues.

For more information contact:


Webster County Health Department
Attn: Kelly Smith-Larson
723 1st Avenue South
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Phone: (515) 573-4107

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