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Funds for Child Care Providers

Quality child care is important for a host of reasons.  Child care enables parents to work or go to school and to be productive.  Most importantly, quality child care positively influences a child’s development.  Studies have shown that children that have received higher-quality child care have better math skills, fewer behavior problems and higher academic achievement; these results are life-long.


Linking Families and Communities invests in early care and education businesses by promoting higher quality practices through a program called the Business Investment Program.  The program is administered by Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) and supports child care providers by providing funding for start-up costs, business, educational, health and safety improvements, as well as, items specific to the Iowa Quality Rating System.

Contact your Child Care Consultant for more information: 

     Tiffan Hagar
     Child Care Consultant - Calhoun & Webster County
     (515) 573-0029


     Callie Dickey
     Child Care Consultant - Pocahontas County
     (515) 573-0147

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