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Breathing to Balance KIDS



Our little ones often find it hard to manage emotions when they come up. More often than not, they may not understand why and where these feelings are coming from and just react.


Breathwork, stillness and movement can allow children to become more aware of the feelings they are experiencing and assist them in regulating their emotions or co-regulating with you, their parent.


We will be sharing and practicing regulation and calming techniques with parents and little ones that can offer subtle self-soothing when these moments arise.      


Breathing to Balance KIDS is designed for children 2+ and their parent(s) and runs for 8 weeks.  Classes are held weekly and are free of charge.  

Class Information

Fort Dodge 

Wednesdays 9-10 am

March 1 - April 19


Saturdays 11 am- noon

March 4 - April 29

Rockwell City

Saturdays 9-10 am

March 4 - April 29

Breathing to Balance KIDS Flyer
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