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Fort Dodge Child Care Project

The Fort Dodge Child Care Feasibility Study Report indicated the need for child care to be greater than originally perceived.  With a recruitment strategies and supports for child care home providers in place, it was important to help to look at what could be done to expand, recruit or build child care centers. 
Through interviews with existing centers, we found that Community Early Childhood Center (CECC) was interested in expanding their center and had space.  Through discussions with child care center chains, we found that current local child care rates could not support their costs of operation. 
Armed with information and a vision, we looked for ways to begin the process of expanding and building child care centers.  The first step was to have designs and construction costs.   Funding through the Iowa Women's Foundation's Child Care Solutions Fund was received for pre-design work for the expansion of CECC and a new center.  
Addition to CECC Final_edited.png

Community Early Childhood Center

The expansion project for Community Early Childhood Center provides for an addition on north end of the current building.

The expansion will provide 56 additional child care spaces to the facility and will also provide for increased storage, bathroom facilities and drive/parking space.

Project Complete

New Fort Dodge Child Care Center

The vision of a new child care center for 134 children comes to life through this child care design. The building has been designed with options for future expansion.  A location the size of a city block to house the center, playgrounds and parking is currently be sought.


Organized as a non-profit, the center, at full-enrollment, would employ 25 full-time and 27 part-time employees.

1713 MODEL 05-14-18 I.png

This project was determined not to be feasible due to lack of adequate funding support to complete the build.  

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