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Linking Families and Communities had been hearing from local organizations that the family programs they were offering were not well attended.  These non-profit organizations often lacked the budget and resources to market their programming, which often led to poor participation and attendance in programs.  This resulted in some programs being discontinued.  At the same time, parents were reporting that there was nothing to do as a family or focused on younger children.  It seemed that programs being offered were the best kept secret in the area and something had to be done.


In 2012, a group of dedicated people came together to discus the issues and started to plan.  The committee designed a collaboration between businesses, service clubs and non-profit organizations in order to build strong children, strong families and a strong community.   The basic tenets of the event were to: promote a supportive community; provide access to local resources; provide educational opportunities; provide a family friendly atmosphere; and make it fun.  That event was  named KIDZMANIA.


KIDZMANIA was very successful in 2013, its first year, due in large part to the dedication of the committee behind the scenes, as well as, all of the volunteers, businesses, agencies and service groups that played a part in the event.  Since then, KIDZMANIA has taken off and certainly has something for everyone.


Summary information on past events is available for each year.  Please click the icons below to access summary information of KIDZMANIA attendees and their perceptions.

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